eSensual Erotica from eSensual Books

eSensual Books, is an imprint of AlternatePress and part of the eSensual Group of Enterprises. eSb is an exclusive publishing house for sensual erotica and experiential audio

AlternatePress has given eSensual Books the mission to seek out and bring forward new and established writers/producers/narrators of quality, literary erotic fiction and present them to you primarily in audio formats.

This venture seeks to explore the developing media and new consumer platforms in audio to provide opportunities for authors and audience to experience to the full, the power of their sensual imaginations. To provide authors/narrators with a platform to showcase high quality erotic fiction and express their individuality. To provide readers/listeners with original well written fiction and experiences in audio that will inspire, arouse and feed their fantasies.

If you have any comments or suggestions as to how we could improve the site please contact us at we welcome all feedback.

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What we are looking for;

As author’s and narrators, we understand that everyone’s style is unique. We encourage you to be true to your voice and submit work that you are proud of, not just respond to a call. As publishers and producers, we provide these guidelines based on market trends and industry standards to help ensure you benefit from increased sales of your work. We are looking for quality erotic fiction that is imaginative and well crafted. Originality, characters that we care about, and the ability for the reader to place themselves in the story are basic requirements. The sex should be plentiful and hot, however, sex scenes should contribute to furthering the plot and/or the development of the relationship of the characters. We do not require a happily ever after ending every time; however, an uplifting ending is strongly encouraged with the exception of our eSensually Unusual Circumstances line which crosses the boundaries of “normal” relationships into the darker and more taboo realms of erotica.

We are looking for clean, professional manuscripts and recordings and authors/narrators that are willing to work with us to provide the best story and experience possible.  for more information on this go to the About Us page. You can find out more about our Audio needs HERE

For up to date information on Calls for Submissions go to the Authors Information Pages here